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  • Homeowner Responsibilities

    • CGIO strongly recommends residents to properly winterize and un-winterize their sprinkler system as outlined in the FAQ's below.  And please contact CGIO asap if there are any leaks detected or observed in the main lines.

  • FAQ

    • When will secondary water be turned on and off for the season?
      • Cache Highline Water Association (CHWA) oversees the upper canal distribution and ultimately sets the dates of when water will be available; they typically give us 1-2 weeks notice. We will make these dates available on the website. Please visit CHWA's website at www.cachehighline.com.
    • Do I have any water restrictions?
      • CHWA sets water restrictions for all users during the spring, summer and fall based on water availability and drought conditions (Per Kimball Decree). We appreciate everyone’s willingness to follow their guidelines to conserve water. 
    • Why does my secondary water seem to have lower pressure than normal
      • Most secondary systems have had filters installed to limit the amount of debris that may plug valves and sprinkler heads on the system. These valves require periodic cleaning. Please check your filter to ensure it is clean on a regular basis. The required frequency of these cleanings will depend on water use and the location of your connection within the secondary system.
    • What if I find a leak on the secondary system?
      • If a leak is located, please contact our emergency line for assistance: (435) 994-8761
    • How am I billed for secondary water?
      • Starting in January 2024, CGIO customers will be invoiced prior to the irrigation season (which typically lasts 5-6 months, from mid-April to mid-October). Starting in the year 2024, invoices are to be paid prior to March 31st each year. Final readings of the customers usage will be recorded in October after the canal is shut down, and invoices for water usage over the pre-determined allotment will be invoiced at that time.
    • What is the size of my service connection?
      • CGIO has provided a 2" connection at each property.  
    • What should I do to un-winterize my system?
      • We recommend that all owners close their main valves in the spring until the system is pressurized.  We recommend flushing out your system after is is pressurized and cleaning your filters regularly.  The water from the canal can carry small debris and maintaining your filters is the best way to maximize your water pressure.
    • What should I do to winterize my system?  
      • After blowing out your sprinkler system the main valves and meter valves are to be opened 2/3 of the way to allow any remaining water to drain away from the valve.  Meters and valves in the control box that are broken or damaged due to lack of proper winterization are the responsibility of the home owners to pay for replacement parts and labor.

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